Artificial Grass Installers in El Paso

Turf And Artificial Grass Installation

Need a new look for your property? We offer synthetic and artificial grass installers. Turf (artificial grass) is much better than real grass. It will always be green all year round. Sod (natural grass) this is a quick and easy way to get your lawn full, green, and lush. Whatever your choice, we do it for you.

If you are interested in an artificial grass installation in El Paso, TX, please contact DIMA Landscaping today to get a free estimate or feel free to give us a call at (575) 201-8543.

Stone and paver patios

Give your patio a unique design with decorative stone and pavers. Transform your yard into a beautiful and more functional space.

Walkways and driveways

Bring life to the front and patio of your property with a unique style. We offer concrete of your choice: stamped, colored and regular concrete.

Irrigation systems

We understand the delicate balance of watering in your area. Our service installation includes water-efficient irrigation systems, using the latest technology for water conservation, while providing self-automated systems. A full irrigation system includes watering of trees, shrubs and natural grass.


Do you like gatherings with family and friends? Or just to take a break after the end of the day? A pergola would be the perfect place for it. Do you have any ideas in your mind? We build it and make it a reality.

Wooden Privacy fences

Your privacy is important. Add a plus of privacy to your patio with wooden fences.